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Pro Ject The Classic 2m Silver[the classic]

Pro Ject The Classic 2m Silver[the classic]

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Belt drive with manual speed control 33/45 rpm
Height adjustable decoupling feet
Precision balanced TPE*-damped aluminium-platter / felt mat
Metal/MDF sandwich chassis floating on TPE* suspension
9 carbon/aluminium tonearm with MM & MC capability
Japanese ball bearing (base of tonearm)
Integrated central vertical cable outlet for unhindered arm movement
Ultra low friction Zircon pin-point cardan bearings (top & side)
Azimuth and VTA fully adjustable
TPE damped counterweight
Optionally available with 2M Silver phono cartridge
Classic wooden chassis in 3 matt finishes
(walnut, rosenut, eucalyptus)

Dustcover included

*)TPE is a family of modern damping materials which can be tuned to damp resonances at specific frequencies. So any TPE we use is different and specially designed for the material and frequency range it should damp!

The Classic offers classic look and innovative high-end technology

This turntable makes use of traditional frame design which was established by the famous turntable manufacturers of the 50's and 60's. It uses a compact simple and elegant form factor. The Classic incorporates a combination of approved belt drive design using a low noise AC motor with an ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability. Advanced technology is used for decoupling and the completely new designed tonearm.

Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Drive principle: belt drive
Platter: 300mm aluminium
Mains bearing: stainless steel
Wow & flutter: 33: 0,03 % 45: 0,05 %
Speed variance: 33: 0,10 % 45: 0,11 %
Signal to noise: - 71dB
Tonearm: 9 carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm
Effective arm length: 230 mm
Effective arm mass: 13,5 g
Overhang: 18 mm
Tracking force: 10 - 30mN
Included accessories: 15 volts DC / 1,6A power supply, dust cover
Power connection: 110/120 or 230/240 Volt - 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption: 5 watt max / < 0,5 watt standby
Dimensions: 460 x 131 x 351 mm (WxHxD) lid closed